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The Hanson Place Seventh-day Adventist School was established to provide a Christian education for students in grades Pre-K - grade 8. The school recognizes its responsibility in helping to develop the mental, physical and spiritual character based on Biblical principles. Central to its philosophy is a belief in God as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and recognition of man as a child of God and steward of this world. The Education program is predicated on the belief that each student is unique and of inestimable value, and on the importance of the development of the whole person. Students are educated to accept service as a way of life, to be sensitive to the needs of people in the home and society, and to become active members in the Church.

Our School is located at 38 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY, a few blocks from our church.

Please visit the Hanson Place School website or call the school office at 718-625-3030 for more information.

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